Comfortable exploration package ( 7 days Montenegro )


Comfortable exploration package ( 7 days Montenegro )

Recomended for Everyone
Period March to October days
Stars days
What to bring Sunglasses, sun cream, money for souvenirs, camera
Requirements Average fitness
Level of dificulty Easy
Minimum age

Taking all inclusive to the next level! Prepare for a lifetime adventure! 

  Seven days on the Mediterranean Sea

Accommodation in luxury hotels in the Riviera, where you will be able to take advantage of all the rich sea, in the evenings enjoy the walks and sightseeing of the rich cultural and historical region. All activities next to the water will refresh you and relax and prepare you for tomorrow, when you leave your comfort zone and join us in the exploration of Montenegro.

 DAY 1

Welcome dinner, introduction and brief presentation of Montenegro and activities in the coming days.



Overview and what can you expect :

In the morning after breakfast, we're going to visit the Bride of the Adriatic, Boka Bay , through the hill Trojica that is less used and gives you the opportunity to admire the bay from the heights in the first touch while enjoying a panoramic ride above it. Upon arrival at the airport, we will park near the old town and start a tour. In this part of the excursion you will understand why it is included in cities under the protection of UNESCO and why it was ranked by Lonely Planet in number 1 must visit places in the world. After the tour, we continue to take a panoramic ride
along the coast to another beautiful Baroque town of Perast, which will be happy to reveal your secrets and long legends of ancient sailors . From Perast, we'll take a boat ride to the beautiful island of Our Lady of the Rocks and to his church. In this wonderful ambience you'll have relaxing lunch on the shores of the bay. The path leads us to the opposite side of the bay with constant panoramic views, and you will have the opportunity to visit more ancient buildings and more photo footage at various attractive locations before returning to the hotel.

Travel goals -
Cultural Historical Educational Sightseeing Scenic Photography Walking Boat trip Gastronomic
Duration 6 hours
Departures 9,10,11 12 pm



 Overview and what can you expect :

Very dynamic day


We are going to visit the very heart of Montenegro, Cetinje and Lovcen, on the way to it, you will have the opportunity to enjoy in panoramic drive with the photo-rate of the Riviera from the mountains, then we'll arrive in Cetinje, the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro, cultural and historical center of the country, where you''l have a chance to get acquainted with the history of Montenegro during visits to the museums of the Embassies to the monastery of churches parks, etc. The path leads us through the untouched nature of the National Park to the mausoleum Lovćen, the highest in the world, where one of the rulers of Montenegro, Petar II Petrović Njegoš rests. From the viewpoint in the Mausoleum you will have the opportunity to admire the beauties of our country from the bird's perspective . The path leads us to the village of Njeguši, the surrounding road around the plateau Štirovnik, where in a unique panoramic ride you will have the opportunity to see the so-called Doors of Heaven (Vrata Raja) one of the most beautiful Viewpoints in the world, with a mandatory photo stop. Next we descend to the valley where the village of Njeguši, the birthplace of the Montenegrin rulers, is located, where after visiting and free time we will dine in the authentic atmosphere of the old Montenegrin house famous special prosciutto and cheese. Returning to the hotel is a completely different route with a famous 25 curves road which is also an attraction and driving it is an adventure by itself.

Travel goals :

Cultural Historical Educational Nature Walking Sightseeing Scenic Roads Photography
Duration 8 hours
Departures 9,10,11 pm


coast, the first photo stop is above the famous city of Sveti Stefan Hotel, known as the World-wide Jet Set with its unique architecture and location, then after a short drive we arrive at Manastir Reževići, where we'll take short break visiting their garden and Church with a beautiful view of the sea. The path leads us further toWe're to a completely different adventure and Landscape, to the largest lake on Balkan peninsula . The journey begins with a panoramic ride around the

ties on the shores of the lake. Returning the route through a tunnel to Budva. Scenic Roads Landscape Viewpoints Photography Gastronomic Cultural Historical Educational Close encountered with untouched nature Walking Boat trips Birds watchingPetrovacka Gora, in a beautiful panoramic ride high above the Riviera, with a photo footprint of course, after which we are heading towards our main event of the day, visitation the Skadar Lake and the old fishermans village Virpazar, starting point of all the cruises on the Lake. After walking through the village you'll embark on a boat trip in a unique lake ride, where you will be able to come to a close encounter with the flora and fauna of this paradise for birds. Here's the part where you're going to realize why it is also called the International Birds Airport. After this adventure, free time and lunch with fish special

Duration 6 hours
Departures 9,10,11,12 pm


rtunity to do a pilgrimage by walking from the lower to the upper Monastery, and to admire the combination of two miracles - nature and people in Manastir, bow to the miracle making relics of Saint Basil, and find out more about his life and cult, spread among the believers of all three confessions. After visiting the monastery we are going to a completely different ambience, River Crnojevića, which is one of our favorite tours, because it is still not so familiar with tourists. The panoramic road will lead us along a winding river whose flow will follow all the time and stop at several photo levels so that you can look better one of the most beautiful panoramic views in our country. We'll reach the very source of the river and the ambient unit of the small fishermans village of Rijeka Crnojevića, where you will be able to take advantage of free time to walk across ancient bridges and architecture all around the river, on whose coast you're gonna taste our local fish specialties at our friend Pedja’s restaurant . Returning with another route also through nature.This day is also a blend of the culture of the history of religion and nature. The path leads us to the famous Montenegrin Meteors, one of the most important Ortodox sanctuaries and the center of the spiritual life of Montenegro - Ostrog Monastery. After coming to this unique place , you'll have the oppo

Travel goals :
Cultural Historical Educational Religious Scenic Roads Walking Photography Sightseeing
Duration 6 hours
Departures 9,10,11 12 pm


e of which is beautiful Biogradsko Jezero. There you will have a choice between activities, if you wish you can walk around the lake, or board a boat and ride over it,kayaking is also aToday's trip will take you to north to our country in another dynamic tour, To National Park Biogradska Gora The journey to there is an adventure by itself, while driving through the Morača River Canyon, you will be changing different aspects and situations, from the sharp cliffs of the canyon to the tranquil valleys, you will pass a lot of tunnels and bridges. In the midst of all these situations, we reach our first point, the beautiful Monastery of Moraca, which is built on the edge of the canyon, whose garden you will walk and enjoy the tranquility that is felt in the air. This will be just a preparation for a total peace that you will feel upon coming to our main attraction of the day, National Park Biogradska Gora, in which one of the last rainy forests in Europe, in the middle

Returning the same route.option… which suits you more. After all that, we go to the next restaurant in the Kanyon where you'll try their famous baking meat this time.

Travel goals :
Cultural Historical Educational Untouched Nature Walking Boat Travel Scenic Roads
Landscape Viewpoints Photography Gastronomic Religious Absolute peace Gastronomic
Duration 8 hours
Departures 8,9,10,11 pm


Today, we'll again also connect two miracles, nature and people.

The path leads us first to the Lipa Cave, whose underground world will leave you breathless. The tour through the cave is indicated by a specialized guide that will present you a new world, rich as the one above the earth. At the end of the cave, at one of the halls, you can have a drink in this spectacular ambience . After visiting the lower world this tour will take you to a completely different world, we are going to visit the village, the vineyards and the house of wine and the honey of our good friends of the Vukmirović family. After a visit you can enjoy a romantic walk through vineyards and various fruit trees, the owner will show you how honey is made in the villages in the ancient way, you will understand what makes our tastes so different tasty and morish. In the ambiance of the old Montenegrin house you will try several types of local liqueurs and wines as an aperitif, and then three types of local dishes, according to your choice. Local cuisine prepared by a traditional recepies will make your life sweet as honey. Return is the second route on the other side of Rijeka Crnojevića, which we have already visited.

Travel goals :
Cave adventure Scenic Roads Nature Photography Organic food Absolute peace Sightseeing
Walking Gastronomic Duration 8 hours, Departures at 9,10,11 pm
Farewell dinner, goodbye Montenegro

- Accommodation:
7 nights with breakfast in the 4 stars hotel at the sea with it’s restaurant wine bar with sauna
pool spa
- 4,5 or 6 active days with excursions during which you will discover the best destinations of Montenegro with us
- Lunch during the day on excursions
- Organic food and drinks tasting during the tour
-All taxes and entrances
- English speaking driver on tours / guide by request
- Travel Insurance

- Additional services and technical support
-Responsible travel instructions
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