Ballkan Eastern Discovery


Ballkan Eastern Discovery

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City Visit Dubrovnik - Kotor - Budva - St Stefan - Shkodra - Tirana - Kruja - Durres - Tirana - Elbasan - Pogradec - Ohrid - Struga - Skopje -  Sofia
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Visit Dubrovnik - Kotor - Budva - St Stefan - Shkodra - Tirana - Kruja - Durres - Tirana - Elbasan - Pogradec - Ohrid - Struga - Skopje -  Sofia

Day 1 Dubrovnik

Arrival in “Dubrovnik”, meet & assisted by our representative.
Overnight in Dubrovnik.

Day 2 Dubrovnik

Your morning city tour begins with the visit to the old town of Dubrovnik. Visit the Old Pharmacy, Franciscan and Dominican Monasteries, Rector’s Palace, Cathedral, Orlando’s Monuments, and Tower Clock. Have a beautiful view of the sea and the city of Dubrovnik from the walls of the old town. Precede the visit to Cavtat - the old and attractive city of Croatia.
Overnight in Dubrovnik

Day 3 Dubrovnik - Kotor - Budva

Morning departure to Montenegro. Midday arrival in Kotor. A short sightseeing tour in Kotor – the old and very spectacular city. After the visit in Kotor, departure to visit Budva - the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism.
Overnight in Budva.

Day 4 Budva - St Stefan - Shkodra - Tirana

This morning depart to Sveti Stefan, – the marvelous island of Montenegro. Visit the island and continue to Shkodra. Visit the Mosque of Plumbit and the castle of Rosafa over the lake of Shkodra - perched at more than 4,000 feet above sea level. After the visit of Shkodra, transfer in Tirana.
Overnight in Tirana.

Day 5 Tirana

Your morning city tour begins from Skanderbeg Square, named after the Albanian hero the main landmark of the city. Pilgrims from far and wide reach the Et\'hem Bey Mosque to offer prayers. The Clock Tower next to the Et\'hem Bey Mosque, National Museum- north of Scanderbeg Square, The Fortress of Petrela, The Palace of Culture, The monument to Mother Albania and The National Historical Museum are the significant spots that catch up the attention of one and all who make a visit to the city. This afternoon is free for you to explore Tirana’s lovely shops and boutiques.

Day 6 Kruja - Durres - Tirana

Today you will see examples of an age of unbounded creativity. Your morning tour begins with the visit to Kruja–one of the biggest cities in Northern Albania is the “city of history” and the best known as hometown of Albanian’s National Hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg. Visit to the Castle, Skanderbeg Museum and Ethnographic Museum. After the visit of the castle, is free for you to explore Kruja’s old bazaar with authentic and antique shops. The route continues to Durres– the ancient Greco-Roman port city of Dyrrachium. Formerly Durrazzo is one of the oldest towns in Albania. The legend says that it was founded by Epidamnos, the Illyrian King of the area, who called it by his own name and named the port area after his grandson - Dyrrah. Visit to the town including the Byzantine city walls, Roman amphitheater and the Archaeological Museum. Tonight explore the exciting Tirana nightlife style.

Day 7 Tirana - Elbasan - Pogradec

Morning departure to visit Pogradec - on the Roman via Egnatia route to the east. Drive through Elbasan (ancient Scampa). A short stop to Visit its fine Ottoman walls and continue to Pogradec. Arrive at Lake Ohrid - one of the deepest freshwater lakes in Europe - it is the home to a number of fish and birds found nowhere else in the world. Enjoy the lunch at local restaurant in Drilon (nice spot not far from Ohrid Lake which has been a preferred holiday place for the ex-dictator Hoxha) – decorated with willow trees, and streams flowing down to the lake.
Overnight in Pogradec.

Day 8 Pogradec - Ohrid

This morning depart to visit Ohrid. On the way a short stop to visit the ancient and beautiful place of Sveti Stefan Visit the church and continue the tour to Ohrid. Start a sightseeing tour in Ohrid. Visit to St Sophia Church, Icon Museum, Fortress of Samuel. Balance of the day is at leisure to relax or explore on your own.
Overnight in Ohrid.

Day 9 Ohrid - Struga - Skopje

This morning depart to Skopje. On the way a short stop to visit the city of Struga. Sightseeing tour in Struga. Continue to Skopje.
Overnight in Skopje.

Day 10 Skopje

This morning city tour of Skopje. Visit the Macedonian Museum, Turkish Bridge, Daut Pasha Amam. Balance of the day is at leisure to relax or explore on your own.
Overnight in Skopje.

Day 11 Skopje - Sofia

This morning depart to “Sofia” border. Your tour will continue with a visit to a typical Bulgarian and atmospheric restaurant. The Bulgarian folklore, rituals and traditions represented by a folk-dance troupe will give to your visit a unique pleasure and taste. The rich collection of Bulgarian fine wines and matured brandies will round off your tour.
Overnight in Sofia.

Day 12 Sofia

Enjoy a city tour of Bulgaria\'s modern capital, Sofia and get to see the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and many more. You will visit St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, where monuments from different ages exist side in perfect harmony. Its crypt is a genuine treasure trove of medieval Bulgarian art. The St. Sophia early Christian basilica, which has given the city its name, towers majestically nearby. You will also see the Monument of the Unknown Warrior, the grave of the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Literature Ivan Vasov and many more.
This afternoon is free for you to explore Sofia’s lovely shops and boutiques.

Day 13 Sofia

On this full day tour, you will see the most famous monument of Bulgarian architecture and culture from the National Revival period, the Rila Monastery, located 120km south of Sofia. Repeatedly destroyed and burned during its millennial history, the Rila Monastery rose larger and more beautiful from the ashes every time. You will get to see the Monastery\'s most treasured historic and artistic monuments, which includes the 14th century Hrelyos Tower, the five-domed Birth of the Blessed Virgin Church, the original 19th century monastery kitchen called Magernitsa. You will enjoy also a three-course lunch at the Rila Monastery, while enjoying the exceptional atmosphere.

Day 14 Sofia airport

Transfer to “Sofia” airport for your return flight home.

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